[Samba] GPO on a DC

samba-ml-en samba-ml-en at protonmail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:25:05 UTC 2022

Hello David,

> Does 'CN=TRISTSNPA43,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=ad2,DC=TESTDOMAIN,DC=eu' exist?

Of course, the problem happens only at boot time and after 90mn + some random time <30mn, because I set "apply group policies = true". also "systemctl restart samba-ad-dc" will output the same result (meaning there is not dependency on something that's not started, but rather a problem with samba itself)

Logged via ssh "samba-gpupdate --force" will always work.

In my original description I provide both examples. Now I could cron this but obviously this not the way things are meant to happen. GPOs set for windows clients and other winbind clients work flawlessly.

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