[Samba] WSDD and Avahi

Robert Yu Tin-Tat bobbyyu1 at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 12 22:37:11 UTC 2022

To Roland Penny and spindles_seven: Yes.

I wouldn't dream of leading anyone down the garden path for basic stuff 
like this.

I take it that Windows 7 uses SMBv1, does it?

If so, then it would explain why I had to enter the IPs of my Windows XP 
virtual machines through my Mint host. It would also explain why I had 
to enter an IP to access my Windows 7 shares from my Windows 7 computer.

See, my Mint box enables NT1 as the lower protocol range on smb.conf. I 
share my stuff on that computer using caja-share.

Is that relevant?

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