[Samba] NT4 Roaming Profiles

Robert Steinmetz,,, rob at steinmetznet.com
Wed Jun 8 16:17:05 UTC 2022

I have an NT4 Domain which has Roaming Profiles Configured. Recently I 
have been getting error messages on the Windows 10 clients that the 
roaming profiles are not completely loading. I have checked the .V6 
profiles are being created. The relevant appropriate portions of my 
smb.conf file are:

         logon path = \\REMUS\profiles\%U
         logon home = \\REMUS\%U
         logon drive = U:
         domain logons = Yes

Note that the pats and home directories are on a different server than 
the PDC. This has worked for me in the past.

Some of the profiles are pretty large.  Is there an upper limit on 
practical size?


Robert Steinmetz AIA
Steinmetz & Associates

New Orleans & Atlanta

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