[Samba] Issues configuring Samba

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Wed Jun 8 10:23:06 UTC 2022

Rowland wrote…

>We are going to need wireshark traces from both the Windows connecting
>and the other (MacOS ?) machine that connects.
I have captured both Windows and macOS traces with Wireshark which can 
be downloaded from [1].

With the Windows trace, the IDE was opened, one source file was edited 
and saved and then the IDE closed.  In the macOS trace, it shows the 
mapping of the share, the same workspace being opened, and the same 
source file being edited and saved.  In the macOS case, it actually 
locked up saving the file - when the IDE window has focus the spinning 
beach ball is shown.


[1] - 

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