[Samba] Issues configuring Samba

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Wed Jun 8 10:18:32 UTC 2022

Louis wrote…

>Hmm, which samba version per server is used, that needs clearity. This might be an old bug.
The server has gone from being Debian 9 -> Debian 10 -> Debian 11.  It 
has always used the version of Samba that was included in the main 
stable repo for the Debian version so stretch, buster, and bullseye.

From memory, it worked without issue when the server ran Debian 9.x 
versions so probably up to Samba 4.5.16.  I can’t remember how thing 
were with buster but Samba 4.13.13 in bullseye definitely shows the 
problem.  I upgraded to 4.16.1 from bullseye-backports to see if it 
fixed it but it hasn’t.


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