[Samba] Courses of action I can take:

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Jun 1 10:05:40 UTC 2022

On Wed, 2022-06-01 at 05:49 -0400, Zombie Ryushu via samba wrote:
> If I know what files in Samba's private folder I can delete and
> remove 
> the join using one of my other DC, I don't know if I can delete the 
> entire folder.

You need to demote a DC first, forcibly if necessary, then purge Samba.
> How do I switch the DC from MIT to Heimdal?

Join another DC that uses the builtin Heimdal, either by using a distro
that uses it by default, finding Samba packages for your distro that
use Heimdal or by compiling Samba yourself.
> Modifying DNS is off the table for right now, because it could
> cripple 
> my entire network's Name resolution.

You are crippling your DC's now, they are supposed to be authoritative
for the AD dns domain.

> The file server issue deals with the relative smallness of my
> network. I 
> don't keep all DCs or all servers active at one time. Only one
> server 
> runs constantly.

Do you have multiple DC's ? if so, they will get out of sync unless
they are all on at the same time.


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