[Samba] Issue with FAST implementation ? Disabling really disable ?

Olivier BILHAUT obilhaut at fondation-misericorde.fr
Wed Jul 20 11:19:02 UTC 2022

Hi list, 

Juste migrating from samba 4.14 to samba 4.16.3. Most works
fine and thanks again for this great work. 

However I have an issue
with a smbclient run locally which seems to fail due to a FAST issue.
The command is run from the DC itself : 



gse_get_client_auth_token: gss_init_sec_context failed with [
Miscellaneous failure (see text): FAST fast response is missing FX-FAST
(cifs/DOMAIN.TLD at LOCAL)](2529639059)
gse_krb5: creating NEG_TOKEN_INIT for cifs/domain.tld failed
session setup failed:


I have tried to disable FAST with " kdc
enable fast = no" (and restart) as I have seen in release note, but now

Any advice ? 

Have a nice day !


Olivier B 

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