[Samba] Print server not loading drivers

Marco Gaiarin gaio at lilliput.linux.it
Thu Jul 14 17:20:34 UTC 2022

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> I load up the FQDN of the server, add the driver (a Type 3 x64 Windows 10
> driver, matching my machine), all good. When I go to Properties of the
> Printer, I choose No, go to Advanced, choose the driver, and hit OK.
> Normally, it'd install the driver and I could start configuring it. What's
> happening now is I get a message "The 'KONICA MINOLTA 368SeriesPCL SP'
> printer driver is nto installed on this computer. Some printer properties
> will not be accessible unless you install the printer driver. Do you want
> to install the driver now?". If I choose No, I don't get to configure much
> on the printer - the name and a few other things. If I click Yes, I go
> through the Add Driver wizard, selecting the same driver, installing it,
> then I get the same basic printer properties dialog as if I said No.

Afer fighting for years on Konica Minolra drivers, i've simply givenup.

Now i've setup some recipe with WPKG that pre-install drivers on local
machine; WPKG is a configuration and management system, a sort of ansible
for windows.

Speaking generally, now i can setup a little horror museum:

1) driver that does not work, apart if you unpack some .CAB inside the
 driver package

2) driver that load, but enable some 'lockdown' (some brother driver load,
 but lock down number of copies and color print)

3) driver that does not load directly, but load if you RPCCLIENT-it from a
 windows box.

If i've understand well, some drivers simply expect that ''other'' software
is installed server or client side, and so implicitly suppose a windows

Sometimes it suffices to change driver type; have you tried postscript?!

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