[Samba] Problem file server with microsoft office temp files

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Jul 6 20:18:28 UTC 2022

On Wed, 2022-07-06 at 16:11 -0300, Gabriel Franca wrote:
> Have you tried deleting it on Linux ?
> *Yes and working, I'm using command to delete all tmp files = "find
> /dados
> -name *.tmp -delete" to avoid a lot of tmp files on the server.*
> Where are you deleting it from, in the recycle bin or in a shared
> folder ?
> *Shared folder and don't give error when press delete on my keyboard,
> but
> if I press F5 the tmp file back to the original place.*
> Apart from schema_mode' and 'unix_nss_info' in the 'idmap config'
> lines
> (they do not work with the 'rid' backend), no, there isn't any wrong.
> *I'm using AD on the backend so I changed it for testing.*

I cannot think of anything in Samba that would do this, is the file
still open in word ?


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