[Samba] Warning about using snaps (ubuntu)

samba-ml-en samba-ml-en at protonmail.com
Wed Jul 6 20:10:01 UTC 2022

Dear list members,

I have met yet another issue with Ubuntu and what is considered a standard with Samba.

Ubuntu is now mainly using snap for many apps. After joining my domain, I realised no snaps could run, and found out that snaps cannot run outside of the /home/$USER directory. Meaning they will NOT run in /home/$DOMAIN/$USER.

So you have to do the following in smb.conf

# template homedir = /home/%D/%U
template homedir = /home/%U

Otherwise, snaps will not start due to apparmor blocking them, I could not not find a workaround so far.

Have a great evening.


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