[Samba] Ignoring unknown parameter "guest oki"

Robert Steinmetz,,, rob at steinmetznet.com
Sat Jan 22 19:49:34 UTC 2022

I'm having problems with one of my Samba Servers (hamlet) looking 
through the logs I see a bunch of messages in /var/log/samba/log.hamlet 
like this:

[2021/09/21 10:56:25.488126,  0] 
   Ignoring unknown parameter "guest oki"

It looks like a typo in a smb.conf file but it isn't included in any of 
my smb.conf files

The message also shows up in logs of my windows workstations, in a 
slightly different form, although not currently:

[2021/08/10 06:16:33.733887,  0] 
   Ignoring unknown parameter "guest oki"
[2021/08/10 06:28:33.824025,  0] 
   Unknown parameter encountered: "guest oki"

Guessing from the "lpcfg" this seem to relate to printer configuration. 
I don't know if this is causing the problems but who knows.

Any ideas?

Robert Steinmetz

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