[Samba] pam_winbind, ssh and cross-forest membership...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at lilliput.linux.it
Wed Jan 12 18:23:40 UTC 2022

Mandi! Rowland Penny via samba
  In chel di` si favelave...

>> Forgot to say: 'winbind use default domain = Yes'.
> Then remove it, you cannot use it with multiple domains.

Rowland, Andrew some month ago here say that now 'winbind use default domain =
Yes' works as expected, eg in a multidomain/forest environment, permit to
not add the 'defauklt0 domain.

Clearly i've tried to use also the domainful version, with the same result.

Simply i'm no able to have listed with 'id SUBA\a' the foreig domains; if i
add 'winbind expand groups = 5' i can list users in foreign group, but not
the converse.

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