[Samba] Authentication issue after updating samba on CentOS 7 (from yum)

Alex samba at abisoft.biz
Wed Jan 12 06:58:40 UTC 2022


>> # wbinfo --domain=ABISOFT -Y S-1-5-21-3729968760-1240331958-
>> 298020672-513
>> failed to call wbcSidToGid: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND
>> Indeed, Domain Users group (username's primary group) does not have
>> unix group id associated with it. However, it didn't create any
>> problems before 4.10.16-17. Is it possible to fix it w/o assigning a
>> unix group id?

> No idea, it has been years since I used nslcd, I do know that if you
> use the winbind 'ad' backend on a Unix domain member, then you must
> give Domain Users a gidNumber.

Just to confirm that assigning gidNumber to Domain Users group has fixed the issue. These two config options are still required:
    min domain uid = 0
    username map script = /etc/samba/username_map_script.sh

    username map = /etc/samba/user.map
instead of "username map script" did NOT help.

This one is NOT required:
    local nt token from nss:ABISOFT = no

Thank you for all your help!

Best regards,

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