[Samba] About MIT kerberos

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jan 6 10:49:21 UTC 2022

If you really want that build. 

You need the krb5 from debian experimental, add the debian experimental sources.
apt-get build-dep krb5
dd krb5-1.19
dch --bpo
debuild -uc -us
And it rebuild krb5 for bullseye. 

Then hope, it finishes without errors. 

Setup a file/local repo, so you can add the build depends in it. 

Add my repo for bullseye deb and deb-src, get these samba 4.15.3 sources 
apt update && apt-get source samba && apt-get build-dep samba
cd samba-4.15.3
dch -v2:4.15.3-0.1expMIT1 --distribution=bullseye "Test build with MIT support"
cd ..debian 
editor rules

Now edit the line with the build options to you needs. 
Save it, cd .. 
and run 

debuild -b -uc -us

That should give you a good chance it will build. 



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