[Samba] CUPS printers via Samba connect / manage fail

Michael Evans michael.evans at nor-consult.com
Tue Jan 4 23:15:35 UTC 2022

Unable to share CUPS printers with Samba connect / manage fail

I've run out of places to look for more data and search engine results
haven't been helpful (nearly all disable printer support entirely).

Is there any other information I can provide and/or any other tests I can
run to provide useful data?

Error connecting to printers shared via Samba on an AD (both an old WinDom
and a new SamDom).

I can't manage them via the guide's method for adding drivers for windows
(no printers / drivers listed).

Connecting to \\printserver\ shows the CUPS printers

Right click connect  fails: Add Printer - Connect to Printer - Windows
cannot connect to the printer - Operation Failed with error 0x0000001f (or
0x00000040 I think?  On a clean new Samba domain).

Samba's logs, even at log level 10, don't quite show me where to fix the

I don't know why it can't connect to spoolss, if there's a problem there, if
the samba server can't connect to my workstation (for testing I've disabled
the firewall temporarily, the issue persists), etc.

A fileshare, named testshare, works, I can create files from a Windows 10

I tried asking about this just before New Years, but didn't see any replies.
This time I'm I've re-run the generic data collection script even though
it's just a printer issue, and sanitized everything.  Hopefully links to
text documents are allowed.

The samba log files are from the OLD WinDom's new member server, v-ps4
during one restart of the server and attempt to connect to the printer from
a Windows 10 workstation.


New Samba Domain

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