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npower npower at samba.org
Thu Feb 24 11:52:43 UTC 2022

Resending to list (and omitting sender as I have spammed him multiple 
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On 23/02/2022 08:59, Andrea Venturoli via samba wrote:

> Hello.
> I've got an installation where users need to search inside a samba 
> share from Windows machines.
> Ideally the content of files should be searchable too, but even a 
> filename-only search would be a start.
> Unless something changed very recently, I think WSP is not supported 
> in Samba (or at least not in a production-ready way).

yep, that is correct, not in anyway production ready :-). Unfortunately 
for the last while I have been managing only to occasionally put in the 
effort to keep up with master (and nothing more).

Unfortunately (for me... but great for samba code) recently there has 
been a major reorganisation of dcerpc services. While this in theory 
shouldn't make any difference (because WSP doesn't use rpc) the reality 
is that I was piggybacking *lots* of the code that provided the dcerpc 
services. I am however currently trying once again to get WSP working 
again against master, if you are interested I could point you to the 
branch when that is at least working.

> One would expect that, without a server-side index, client side 
> searching would work slowly, but work. That's not the case, however: 
> searching twice from a Windows 10 pro client will yield different 
> results (both incomplete).
I think it entirely depends on what you are searching for and the scale 
of the searches, e.g. windows explorer is very efficient searching a 
share for files of a specific type (as it searches by extension) and is 
surprisingly quick. I am not sure about different results over different 
search runs (I never noticed) Where server side index searching really 
comes into it's own is when it is searching content (where the meta data 
has been mined and indexed already) e.g. searching for photographs with 
a specific tag, resolution or using searching using full text search 
> So I need a workaround and I'm open to suggestions for either:
> _ a tool which does the search client side (but, in contrast to 
> Windows's Explorer, works properly);
> _ some server side indexing system (Tracker? ElasticSearch? See 
> later...) and some web frontend for users to access this index;
> _ any other idea.
Either tracker or elasticsearch can be used independently on a linux 
server targeting the underlying filesystem exported by the samba share. 
I don't however have any idea of what web ui(s) are available
> Bonus: I know Spotlight is supposed to work and I'm keen on setting 
> this up some day; so if the above tool could use the same index...
>  bye & Thanks
>     av.

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