[Samba] Group mappings on a domain member

Robert Marcano robert at marcanoonline.com
Wed Feb 23 19:21:00 UTC 2022


On a Samba based AD domain member, what is the relationship between:

   # net groupmap list
   Guests (S-1-5-32-546) -> 100004
   Administrators (S-1-5-32-544) -> 100003
   Users (S-1-5-32-545) -> 100001


   # wbinfo --sid-to-gid=S-1-5-11

The first one doesn't show any reference to the wbinfo mapping of 
S-1-5-11 (Authenticated Users), Should I be worried of this? why two 
different databases for group mappings, group_mapping.tdb and 

Note: the id mapping configurations is:

   idmap config MYDOMAIN : range = 278000000-278999999
   idmap config MYDOMAIN : backend = rid
   idmap config * : range = 100000-200000
   idmap config * : backend = tdb

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