[Samba] Windows Search

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Wed Feb 23 08:59:09 UTC 2022


I've got an installation where users need to search inside a samba share 
from Windows machines.
Ideally the content of files should be searchable too, but even a 
filename-only search would be a start.

Unless something changed very recently, I think WSP is not supported in 
Samba (or at least not in a production-ready way).

One would expect that, without a server-side index, client side 
searching would work slowly, but work. That's not the case, however: 
searching twice from a Windows 10 pro client will yield different 
results (both incomplete).

So I need a workaround and I'm open to suggestions for either:
_ a tool which does the search client side (but, in contrast to 
Windows's Explorer, works properly);
_ some server side indexing system (Tracker? ElasticSearch? See 
later...) and some web frontend for users to access this index;
_ any other idea.

Bonus: I know Spotlight is supposed to work and I'm keen on setting this 
up some day; so if the above tool could use the same index...

  bye & Thanks

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