[Samba] Win10 SMB question

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Mon Feb 21 01:04:05 UTC 2022

I have been running SAMBA3 on a ClearOS6 server for some 10+ years. Past 
time to move up in the world.  Plus that drive has been going 24/7 all 
this time and I am getting worried.  SMART still gives it a good health 
OK, but...

So I bought a QNAP server with the latest and greatest (at least from 
them) SAMBA4.

It is up and running and my Win10 notebook is working just fine with 
accessing shares using a login in script at startup.

Now the challenge here is that the old and new servers are both named 
HOMEBASE.  They are on different VLANs.

On a Win10 system that had been using the old HOMEBASE for a couple 
weeks (brand new Win10 setup), using File Manager to browse and connect 
to the shares, I am having problems.

I switched this system to the new VLAN and File Manager Network Browse 
is not showing the new HOMEBASE.

 From a command window, "net view \\HOMEBASE" fails with a network error.
But "net view \\ipv4addr" works and shows all the shares.
I setup the login script to use the IPv4addr rather than the server name 
and got things working, but...

I suspect there is some cached credentials for the old HOMEBASE, but I 
cannot find them to get this working via the server name.  I did some 
googling and found one reference to clearing server credentials, but no 

Any pointers?


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