[Samba] PSO and group names with spaces

Victor Rodriguez vrodriguez at soltecsis.com
Wed Feb 16 12:17:59 UTC 2022


Trying to set up PSO on a domain that has a lot of group names with 
spaces. When I try samba-tool group show "Group Name" I get the group 
information, members, etc.

If I try samba-tool domain passwordsettings pso apply "pso_test" "Group 
Name" I get:
"ERROR: The specified user or group 'Group Name' was not found".

If I try with a non-spaced group name it does work as expected:
samba-tool domain passwordsettings pso apply "pso_test" test1
PSO 'pso_test' applied to 'test1'

Do I have to escape the group name somehow? Tried a few combinations 
with \ and + but none worked.

BTW, samba-tool is v4.13.14-Ubuntu.


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