[Samba] windows service access denied

Lukasz Brodowski lukasz at teamup.pl
Fri Feb 11 22:44:20 UTC 2022

Of course not - i have local accounts on both sides - windows have their own local „cinegy” account and samba have its onw „cinegy”. Working without problems when you just type unc in windows. But windows service - shows access denied.

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> Wiadomość napisana przez Patrick Goetz via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> w dniu 11.02.2022, o godz. 23:24:
> You have local accounts which match Samba AD accounts?  That seems like a terrible idea; but in particular surely the user SID's don't match and maybe this is the problem?
> On 2/10/22 14:50, Lukasz Brodowski via samba wrote:
>> Hi all. This is my first post, so be gentle :)
>> Software that i use (Cinegy Capture) record video streams to files. Working on windows server 2019 machine. This software works as service with local user credentials. The same credencial are on samba server. When i connecting using windows gui to samba server everything works - users on both side are the same, password also, so everything works fine. But when service wants to connect i receive access denied.
>> When i switch samba server to windows server - connecting by gui and by service works fine.
>> i attach logs and smb.conf
>> logs:
>> https://zerobin.net/?7c1179bd421cbb29#3WAvMykZrLc0dVcJqnpELBYRFojn+tCdzq4lw7IP8b4= <https://zerobin.net/?7c1179bd421cbb29#3WAvMykZrLc0dVcJqnpELBYRFojn+tCdzq4lw7IP8b4=>
>> smb.conf
>> https://zerobin.net/?ff26ea95206e89d5#ThX8Qf1geoed3oGALvHwaRAeCYeipEStJSUjngS0okA= <https://zerobin.net/?ff26ea95206e89d5#ThX8Qf1geoed3oGALvHwaRAeCYeipEStJSUjngS0okA=>
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