[Samba] linux client DNS issues

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Feb 7 21:04:27 UTC 2022

On Mon, 2022-02-07 at 12:45 -0600, Patrick Goetz via samba wrote:
> BTW, I can't find anything in the log files to help me with
> debugging 
> this.  At what log level do DNS errors start showing up in the log
> files?

OK, I have setup Arch in a VM and installed Samba and I got the same
error, no DNS update.

I checked /etc/hostname and it only has the short hostname in it, I
then checked /etc/hosts and it had three lines: localhost
::1 localhost archmem.samdom.example.com archmem

As a test I commented out the last line, left the domain and then
rejoined the domain, this time it worked without the DNS error.

I could get to like Arch, except for one thing, the install procedure
is archaic (is that what 'arch' is short for ?), the last time I used
such an install procedure was over 20 years ago :-D


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