[Samba] pam_winbind and home folders

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Sun Dec 25 10:22:02 UTC 2022

First of all Marry Christmas to everybody!

Il 24/12/22 16:42, Marco Gaiarin via samba ha scritto:
> No, this insted can be useful, because in some way SYSTEM bultin users use
> the machine account user to do things, and 'doing things' on a fileserver
> need a UID.
> I'm using AD backaend, and all my machine account have an UID.
Well, I can understand that System account use AD machine account to do 
things so a uid for a machine account is needed but I don't think the pc 
account need an home, didn't it? If you use mkhomedir in pam_winbind 
module, home folders are created even using idmap AD backend or it's a 
problem only of idmap rid backend?


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