[Samba] Using different samba4 version for DCs (4.13 and 4.15)

Nicolas Canonne me at electronico.nc
Thu Dec 22 01:53:09 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Actually :

dc1.smb.domain.tld     ubuntu20    samba4.13.17

fs1.smb.domain.tld    ubuntu20    samba4.13.17

Need a 2nd DC

For obvious (hardware) reasons, we can't install ubuntu20 on the new DC.

Is it safe to install ubuntu22 ( samba4.15.5 ) on the new DC (and 
replicate sysvol of course) with DC1=samba4.13.17 ?

Thanks in advance for your time.


NEW-CALEDONIA (South Pacific)

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