[Samba] Some older windows clients can't connect after upgrade

L A Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Tue Dec 20 23:41:11 UTC 2022

On 2022/12/16 01:57, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> You also referred to Windows 2008r2, XP and 7, if they are not old, I 
> don't know what is.
  Newer versions of windows are either not stable or not compatible
with various applications I like/prefer to use.

Recently, many Windows users that were being actively updated had SMB1
disabled as a security risk.  While that's probably a good idea for
internet facing machines, for internal-net facing machines like my Win
machines, such a change is unnecessary (though SMB2.1 was more optimal
for my machines, MS refused to port SMB3 changes to Win7 as an incentive
    to upgrade (Win7 was still supported when SMB3 came out).

As my Windows machines are inaccessible from the internet, I'm not very
worried about Win network bugs (including SMB issues) and have mostly
focused on performance issues.  Recently I had to take a performance hit
going from 9kB packets back to 1.5kB for compatibility with various
non-configurable internet-accessible devices. While I could setup an
internal firewall to force 1.5k MTU sizes, for the nonce, that was more
work than it was worth, despite the ~30% overhead for max speed.

To really benefit from faster network speeds, some sort of
SMB-offloading card would likely be needed. CPU-limits on client or
server limit speeds (depending on test details).  Of course using
smaller packets is better for interactive remote X desktop usage --
which is why I think only some dedicated CIFS HW would help.  The SMB3
network DMA feature might also help if it was available in Win7. I've
often wondered how well Samba would work (or if it would work) if it was
used as client SW on Win7.

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