[Samba] R: R: R: group 'Domain User' has changed rid in a new server

Corrado Ravinetto corrado.ravinetto at lanificiocerruti.com
Mon Dec 19 17:04:23 UTC 2022

> Did you also give every user a unique uidNumber inside the 500-8999 range, give Domain Users the gidNumber '513' and run 'net cache flush' ?
> You should also remove the 'idmap config lxcerruti : unix primary group = yes' line. This does exactly the opposite of what you are trying to do.
> You should also either reload the Samba config or restart Samba.

Thanks, now  Domain Users have rid 513

> Can you please stop replying to 'all' or 'CC'ing me, just reply to the list.

Sorry ☹
> Rowland

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