[Samba] Samba clients not updating dns records

Luis Peromarta lperoma at icloud.com
Sat Dec 17 08:28:29 UTC 2022

Dear samba friends. 

My AD is working mostly fine with very nearly no issues. 

DHCP is handled by the gateway with DNS provided by the AD DCs. The DCs the forward external lookups. 

DNS works fine and there are no issues. 

However I have noticed PCs that change their IP do not update their record on the AD - except on AD join. Permission to update records granted to record owners (machines)

Also they never ever create a PTR record. Not even manually. If I use windows DNS tool I can create a record and tick “create ptr record” but it never gets created. 

The reverse zones exist and I can create records manually there. I think permissions are correct too leaving record owners (machine) update it’s own record. 

What  am I doing wrong ? Thank you all in advance. 

All the best. LP

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