[Samba] Migrate and Update (Samba 4.1 ADDC to Samba Latest Version on different Server).

Juan Ignacio juan.ignacio.pazos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 13:29:35 UTC 2022

I come here to say we have finally gotten rid of the old production server
with samba 4.1.

We already demoted it and turned it off where he slept for the rest of

Now the domain is all virtualized with several DCs and with replicas on
multiple servers.

I want to thank all the Samba team for the help and especially Rowland who
always had the patience to explain or remind me of things.

For now I just have one thing to solve, don't know why I have 3 dns entries
for the domain that aren't correct here, what is the best way to remove
those  Unknown  and duplicate entries  .

root at dc2:/var/lib/samba/private# host -t A ourdomain.org
ourdomain.org has address (DC2)
ourdomain.org has address  (DC3)
ourdomain.org has address (Unknown)
ourdomain.org has address (DC3) ? duplicated
ourdomain.org has address (Unknown)
ourdomain.org has address (DC4)

Thx again.

El vie, 2 dic 2022 a las 9:46, Juan Ignacio (<juan.ignacio.pazos at gmail.com>)

> Thx, Rowland.
> Yes, it was,  the hosts file on DC2.
> It had a bad line with the domain and localhost ip, fixed that .
> I put the ip address of dc2 and the FQDN correctly and now samba-tool
> backup worked.
> Thank you very much.
> El vie, 2 dic 2022 a las 5:57, Rowland Penny via samba (<
> samba at lists.samba.org>) escribió:
>> On 01/12/2022 21:24, Juan Ignacio wrote:
>> > I ping DC2.OURDOMAIN.ORG <http://DC2.OURDOMAIN.ORG> from itself and
>> work.
>> >
>> > Its resolving localhost.
>> If you are pinging that FQDN and getting '' back, then
>> something is wrong, you should be getting the computers ipaddress e.g.
>> adminuser at rpidc2:~ $ ping -c1 rpidc2.samdom.example.com
>> PING rpidc2.samdom.example.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
>> 64 bytes from rpidc2.samdom.example.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64
>> time=0.167 ms
>> Please post the /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts files from both machines.
>> Rowland
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