[Samba] [Windows 10] Error 1231?

Gilles codecomplete at free.fr
Wed Dec 14 12:27:17 UTC 2022

(Home-made reply, as I had reconfigured the list to receive the digest…  
after posting. The thread might be broken as a result.)


Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org wrote:

> However, on the Linux side, I would suggest you upgrade everything. 
> You  appear to still be using Stretch, which is EOL as far as Debian 
> is  concerned. Samba 4.15.6 is definitely EOL, the latest Samba 
> version is 4.17.3 . You also seem to be running Samba as a quasi PDC, 
> but only with (or so it seems) guest access. The use of 'wins' etc is 
> virtually dead.
> As you probably do not want to run an AD domain, can I suggest you 
> upgrade everything, run a standalone server (without wins etc) using 
> Avahi for the Linux clients and wsdd for the Windows clients.
Thanks for the info. Since wsdd requires Python 3.7+ and Debian 9 
stopped at Python 3.5, I'll have to bite the bullet and upgrade to 
Debian 10/11.

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