[Samba] File server joined to a samba domain accessed by windows 10-11 clients, works via ip no via dns name

'Ingo Asche' foren at asche-rz.de
Wed Dec 7 21:24:37 UTC 2022

Hi Roy,

I'm afraid not.

My systems are all 64bit. And I'm already on 2:4.17.3 at dfsg-3.



spindles seven via samba schrieb am 07.12.2022 um 20:09:
> On  07 December 2022 14:25 Ingo Asche wrote:
>> And this happened first after updating Samba 4.16.6 to Samba 4.17.3 via Debian
>> backports.
> Is your OS a 32-bit version?   If so Michael updated Debian Backports with a fix for 32-bit systems
> using version 4.17.3.  If you have version 2:4.17.3_dfsg-1 it has the bug you describe for 32-bit systems.
> Look to update to version 2:4.17.3+dfsg-2 or 2:4.17.3 at dfsg-3 to fix this.
> Roy

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