[Samba] Okta AD Agent failing to see machine as domain joined

Arianna Brandstetter abrandst at nebrwesleyan.edu
Thu Dec 1 20:12:49 UTC 2022

We are attempting to work with Okta to synchronize between Okta and our 
Samba AD.  We are running 4.15 in AD mode.  We use it as the main AD for 
apx 600 machines and 2500 active users.  We are attempting to add the 
synchronization client to a Windows Server 2019 machine that is joined 
to the domain.  The installer runs verifying the domain, forrest, a 
domain service account, but at the end it dies saying the machine that 
is a member of the domain is not a member of the domain but it still is.

Unfortunately Okta is not very supportive and say that they only support 
"Real AD" to use the app and will not work with us on this.  They did 
send me some samba links saying look it doesn't support AES kerberos, 
the links were from 2011 and I was like, yes, yes it does.

Does anyone have any experience with the Okta AD Agent and Samba AD?

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