[Samba] isc-dhcp-server issues on samba 4.17

Carlos Jesus camjesus2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:32:03 UTC 2022

Ahhhh crap... I do agree with you. Was hopping someone else had bumped into
this before and that maybe could be an issue with dlz_bind (long shot, I
I'll be doing some more troubleshooting and eventually file a bug to Debian.

Anyway, as always, thank you for all the help.
Best regards,

Michael Tokarev <mjt at tls.msk.ru> escreveu no dia quinta, 1/12/2022 à(s)

> 01.12.2022 15:20, Carlos Jesus via samba wrote:
> > Hello everybody!
> > I'm having an issue that I'm not really sure it's samba related. Still,
> > here it goes to see if anyone has seen this before.
> > I have 2 DCs debian based that I recently upgraded from Buster to
> Bullseye.
> > One is virtual another is physical. Both running bind, and
> dns-dyn-updates.
> > dhcp in failover mode "split 128".
> > In parallel to the "Buster upgrade", I upgraded samba from 4.13 self
> > compiled to 4.16 bullseye-backports (following Rowland's suggestion, I
> > created a 3rd DC, then removed/installed/re-joined each DC at a time). It
> > all went rather well with the usual minor glitches.
> > In the mean time, 4.17 appeared in the backports so, I upgraded the
> > physical DC. And now comes my issue.
> > On this DC, isc-dhcp-server wont start, complaining about:
> > isc-dhcp-server[1453137]: /usr/sbin/dhcpd: error while loading shared
> > libraries: libisc-export.so.1100: cannot open shared object file: No such
> > file or directory
> > This is of course true, since bind (9.16.27) uses libisc-export.so.1105
> > which is there.
> This smells like a packaging bug in either isc-dhcp-server or bind
> (or in one of their library packages).
> Samba packages does not link to any of these libraries and does not
> use neither bind nor isc-dhcp (samba does provide dlz_bind*.so but
> these aren't linked with bind libs either), neither does it Recommend
> any of these. More, 4.16 is not different from 4.17 in this aspect,
> they both use the same libs and has the same set of Recommends/
> Depends.
> That to say: you can install/upgrade/reinstall/remove samba at will,
> it wont affect isc-dhcp-server in any way.
> > I've checked the configuration against the other DC (where everything
> > works) and they are similar. Another weird fact is that removing
> > isc-dhcp-server (and then apt autoremove) and then reinstalling
> > isc-dhcp-server makes the server work. But only until the next reboot or
> > systemctl restart.
> So you should figure out what's going on there.  There's No Magic (tm).
> You can always use ldd /usr/sbin/dhcp to verify all libs it needs are
> present (or not, and when exactly a lib becomes missing). You can see
> which packages provides which libs, by using dpkg -S filename.
> > Any clues? Again, not sure this is samba related or not, but truth is
> > everything works on the virtual DC with samba 4.16.
> Samba has nothing to do with this.  There's something else hitting
> you. Upgrade to bullseye is a very possible cause there, - like some
> packages weren't upgraded successfully, for example.
> /mjt

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