[Samba] Upgrade to 2:4.16.2+dfsg-1nmu1~deb11.1 borks printing

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Aug 31 18:06:53 UTC 2022

On Wed, 2022-08-31 at 17:52 +0000, Aaron de Bruyn wrote:
> Hey Rowland,
> I did see that thread.
> I don't have a /var/cache/samba/printer_list.tdb.

Funny that, I don't print, but I have, but only on Unix domain member.

> # find /var/cache/samba -iname '*print*'
> /var/cache/samba/printing
> /var/cache/samba/printing/printers.tdb
> #
> I did try stopping Samba and CUPS at one site and I removed the
> printers.tdb file, then started Samba and CUPS. That didn't resolve
> the issue.

The fix was posted by Andreas and he should know, he writes some of the
code. I wouldn't have a clue about printing.


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