[Samba] What happens to Samba permissions when moving a share on the Linux side?

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Aug 21 14:00:08 UTC 2022

On Sun, 2022-08-21 at 12:57 +0100, Sebastian Arcus via samba wrote:
> I have a server with Samba 4.10.8 in AD mode, with shares on the DC. 

You really shouldn't use a DC as a fileserver, you should add a Unix
domain member and use that instead.

> I 
> know that Samba in AD mode keeps the file permissions in its own 
> database,

No, it doesn't. The permissions are stored in the normal Unix
permissions (ugo), an extended acl shown by getfacl and an extended
attr shown by 'samba-tool ntacl get /path/to/directory or file'.

>  not on the Linux file system. What happens to these 
> permissions if the root of a share is moved on the Linux side? For 
> example, my share is currently at /mnt/point/samba/share_name, and I 
> would like to move it to /srv/samba/share_name. Will that mess up
> the 
> stored Samba file permissions - are they using full paths to find
> the 
> files the permissions apply to? Thank you for any info

You should be able to just move the data to the new place, but I would
make a backup first.


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