[Samba] Office documents hold the lock for too long

Lukáš Krejza lukas.krejza at studentagency.cz
Thu Aug 18 13:56:15 UTC 2022

Hello list,

we are using a samba share as a company network drive for storage of MS 
Office documents. When a user saves document to this drive, it gets 
following lock:

"4273         3014307    DENY_ALL   0x1f019f    RDWR LEASE(RWH)       
/mnt/datastore/samba/department IT/Lukas-test/test.docx   Tue Aug 16 
12:57:39 2022"

This lock however is hold for about 2 minutes _after_ user closes his 
Office, so anyone (even the "owner" of the lock) is not able to open the 
document until the "DENY_ALL" lock expires.

Is there a possibility to remove the lock when the user disconnects? Or 
lower the lock "timeout" ? Or take the risk of corrupted documents (we 
have backups) and disable the locking mechanism completely? I have tried 
following parameters, but without any change, sadly :(

         reset on zero vc = Yes
         oplocks = No
         level2 oplocks = No
         strict locking = No
         locking = No
         share modes = No
         blocking locks = No
         kernel oplocks = No
         fake oplocks = Yes
         durable handles = No

This is on Samba 4.9.5+dfsg-5+deb10u3 .

Any clues, please?



Lukáš Krejza

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