[Samba] Multipathing read performance

Austin Axworthy aaxworthy at 45drives.com
Wed Aug 17 12:53:54 UTC 2022



I am currently using Rocky Linux 8.6 with samba version 4.15.5-5. 


When implementing multipath functionality to samba, I am consistently seeing
an increase in write performance of 80% increase, but the reads increase by
about 20-30%. I have tested both on HDD and SSD zfs pools.


The single windows client has 2 10Gb/s connections between them, and when
benchmarking the array the raid should be able to fully saturate the 2
pipes. When looking at the network traffic on a write operation I see 100
percent usage on both interfaces, but when reading I am seeing 50 percent
usage on both pipes. 


Is this the expected increase in performance you would expect when using
samba multipath? With a large increase in performance to our write speed to
the samba server. 


Thanks in advance,



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