[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] cifs-utils release 7.0 ready for download

Pavel Shilovsky pshilovsky at samba.org
Thu Aug 11 21:15:14 UTC 2022

New version 7.0 of cifs-utils has been released today.

It brings GSS-Proxy support which when configured allows unattended
access to shares (e.g. from batch jobs).


webpage: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/LinuxCIFS_utils
tarball: https://download.samba.org/pub/linux-cifs/cifs-utils/
git: git://git.samba.org/cifs-utils.git
gitweb: http://git.samba.org/?p=cifs-utils.git;a=summary

Detailed list of changes since 6.15 was released:

3165220 cifs-utils: bump version to 7.0
7b91873 cifs-utils: don't return uninitialized value in cifs_gss_get_req
d9f5447 cifs-utils: make GSSAPI usage compatible with Heimdal
5e5aa50 cifs-utils: work around missing krb5_free_string in Heimdal
dc60353 fix warnings for -Waddress-of-packed-member
c4c94ad setcifsacl: fix memory allocation for struct cifs_ace
4ad2c50 setcifsacl: fix comparison of actions reported by covscan
9b074db cifs.upcall: remove unused variable and fix syslog message
2981686 cifs.upcall: Switch to RFC principal type naming
8a288d6 man-pages: Update cifs.upcall to mention GSS_USE_PROXY
aeee690 cifs.upcall: fix compiler warning
e2430c0 cifs.upcall: add gssproxy support

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the release!

Best regards,
Pavel Shilovsky

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