[Samba] Replacing a Samba Domain Controller - Best Practices

Travis Wenks travis at rosecitysolutions.com
Wed Aug 3 21:46:23 UTC 2022


First, thank you for such an amazing product!

We have several servers that have been in production for many years.

I am looking to do some replacements with fresh installs and tidy up my
servers with all that I have learned since deploying the originals.

I have OLD-DC1, OLD-DC2, OLD-DC3, and OLD-DC4 at two different physical
sites and named DC1-4 respectively. DC1 is FSMO role holder.
I keep each server in a dedicated /30 with firewall rules restricting
communication to the Samba required ports.

Would the best practice be to demote DC4 then build a new VM called
NEW-DC-NAME and join it in a new /30?

First question to clarify here, server name should or should not be reused?
Second is networking, I can build out a new /30 and firewall rules but if
its ok to do it saves a lot of time to reuse the old IP and VLAN. (VPN's,
firewalls, DHCP scopes, etc)
Thank you

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