[Samba] Security patch 4.13 (was 4.12) backport

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Mon Aug 1 09:06:04 UTC 2022

On 7/31/22 22:03, Andrew Bartlett wrote:


> Fully tested patches for Samba 4.13 were posted to the bugs, thanks to
> my colleague Joseph Sutton of Catalyst.

Could you be more specific, please?
I see patches scattered through several places: is there a single patch 
that covers all the security fixes made to 4.14?
I'd like to compare that to what I've used.

> Running 'make test' will confirm the testing,

This only works partially.
It complains because the FreeBSD port is compiled without --enable-selftest.
Unfortunately, enabling this leads to compilation errors.

In any case, I was thinking more about an 'external' test (such as a 
script to run against an installation to see if the exploits succeed or 
not): does such a thing exist?

  bye & Thanks

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