[Samba] Assistance request with remote TCP connection

techtalk at technique.net.au techtalk at technique.net.au
Tue Apr 26 02:21:38 UTC 2022


We have Mobile DVR Devices which operate on the mobile network, and we want to be able to send video data as well as having a TCP Connection to send commands and receive responses accordingly…

Can you advise on how to set up a server based on Oracle Linux (Red Hat), as well as setting up for Samba to connect to the devices for when the devices connect to the server. 

Can you also advise wether each device needs to be set up on Samba, and if so, how do I do that? The devices have their own programmable Device ID's

And is there a limit on how many devices can operate on Samba?

I can provide the protocol if you wish and I am more than happy to pay for the support. 

Thank you and kind regards, 

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