[Samba] Joining a samba ad dc domain from another samba installation

Jonathon Reinhart jonathon.reinhart at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 13:24:38 UTC 2022

On Mon, Apr 25, 2022 at 7:13 AM François Legal via samba <
samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> samba-tool domain join [my samba domain] DC -k yes --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ
> --option='idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes'
> INFO 2022-04-25 10:41:04,952 pid:374
> /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/samba/join.py #107: Finding a writeable DC
> for domain '[my samba domain]'
> INFO 2022-04-25 10:41:04,973 pid:374
> /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/samba/join.py #109: Found DC  [my-dc].[my
> samba domain]
> ERROR(<class 'samba.join.DCJoinException'>): uncaught exception - Can't
> join, error: 00002020: Operation unavailable without authentication

I see you used "-k yes". Did you confirm that you have a valid Kerberos TGT
for a Domain Admin account? (Run "kinit" to get a ticket and "klist" to

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