[Samba] Failed to convert SID to a UID

van Vloten Kees keesvanvloten at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 12:52:32 UTC 2022

Hi Team,

I see messages in the logs on my smbserver like:

smbd[15370]: [2022/04/14 14:32:56.556685,  0]
smbd[15370]:   check_account: Failed to convert SID
S-1-5-21-3042323961-424325435-1432587418-1234 to a UID

I am using rfc2307 idmapping and computer accounts were never assigned a
uidNumber and a gidNumber (simply because I never figured they would need
one). Surely that is causing the error message.

The question is: is this a problem that disrupts something in the
communition between windows 10 and the fileserver or can I ignore the

My fileserver and DC servers run Samba 4.15.6 on Bullseye.

- Kees

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