[Samba] Samba Config from LDAP / with CTDB

Tobias Hachmer t.hachmer at s-v.de
Tue Apr 12 09:20:16 UTC 2022

Hi there,

I'm quite new to Samba, especially advanced stuff. We have a single 
standalone Samba server with user auth against (Open)LDAP (passdb 
backend) and organizing all shares within the smb.conf.

We are going to replace this standalone Server with a 3-Node 
Hyperconverged Proxmox/CEPH Cluster, each node running one Samba VM 
using the underlying CephFS storage for shares, CTDB clustered.

Now I've read the samba LDAP schema and noticed the objectClasses 
"sambaConfig", "sambaShare" and "sambaConfigOption". But I can't find 
any documentation mentioning these objectClasses.

Is it possible to have e.g. the whole share configuration stored in 
LDAP, and all samba servers in CTDB Cluster will read and honor it? If 
yes, is there any good documentation about this?

We don't plan a Samba 4 AD, we just need File Server with LDAP Auth.

Thanks in advance and kind regards
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