[Samba] Unable to convert SID at index 2 in user token to a GID

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Mon Apr 11 10:10:36 UTC 2022

On 11/04/2022 10:02, Sebastian Arcus via samba wrote:
> I have a Samba 4.12.0 setup as AD DC with file sharing which has been 
> working fine for about 2 years. Last week, while testing a GPO on the 
> server and having to restart Samba a few times, it stopped allowing 
> users to access network shares. When I try to access network shares from 
> the Windows clients, I get the following:
> "The security ID structure is invalid"
> The following lines show up in the log in the Samba server:
> [2022/04/11 09:46:45.560164,  0] 
> ../../source4/auth/unix_token.c:123(security_token_to_unix_token)
>    Unable to convert SID (S-1-5-21-138851786-1502048827-544947111-1115) 
> at index 2 in user token to a GID.  Conversion was returned as type 0, 
> full token:
> [2022/04/11 09:46:45.560319,  0] 
> ../../libcli/security/security_token.c:56(security_token_debug)
>    Security token SIDs (9):
>      SID[  0]: S-1-5-21-138851786-1502048827-544947111-1007
>      SID[  1]: S-1-5-21-138851786-1502048827-544947111-513
>      SID[  2]: S-1-5-21-138851786-1502048827-544947111-1115
>      SID[  3]: S-1-5-21-138851786-1502048827-544947111-1117
>      SID[  4]: S-1-1-0
>      SID[  5]: S-1-5-2
>      SID[  6]: S-1-5-11
>      SID[  7]: S-1-5-32-545
>      SID[  8]: S-1-5-32-554
>     Privileges (0x          800000):
>      Privilege[  0]: SeChangeNotifyPrivilege
>     Rights (0x             400):
>      Right[  0]: SeRemoteInteractiveLogonRight

Some further info, which I assume is connected somehow. If I lookup a 
user on the command line with 'id', it only shows as being part of 
"Domain Users" group. But if I look it up through RSAT on Windows, it 
shows the additional groups it is part of. If I try to add it again to 
the groups it is supposed to be part of, using samba-tool, I get the 
following error:

ERROR: Failed to add members ['alan'] to group "ap-shares" - (68, 
'Attribute member already exists for target GUID 

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