[Samba] sharing an autofs nfs mount

Thibault Roulet thibault.roulet at epfl.ch
Thu Apr 7 08:47:03 UTC 2022

Yep it looks like but unfortunately our setup is a bit complicated.

A group of 15 Centos systems running tasks on instruments.
Experiments results are saved in a local folder on each machines.

We need then to have a centralized place for our users where they can 
get their files using a smb share and also via sftp.

Clients are running windows, linux, mac computers.


On 4/7/22 10:01, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On Wed, 2022-04-06 at 20:17 +0300, Thomas Kamalakis via samba wrote:
>> In our case we are using the ad idmap backend to ensure that all
>> users have
>> the same uids in all domain machines. I don't think NFS will work
>> otherwise
>> but maybe someone more samba savvy can provide better alternatives
> Sharing an NFS mount is a 'BAD' idea, you may get it to work, but you
> will definitely get problems. If you only have Linux clients, just use
> NFS, but in a mixed environment or just Windows clients, use cifs.
> Rowland

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