[Samba] go IPv6, fade out IPv4

Robert Marcano robert at marcanoonline.com
Fri Apr 1 12:43:23 UTC 2022

On 4/1/22 8:08 AM, Samba.org Admins via samba wrote:
> Dear Samba.org list members,
> as you might have heard, the pool of IPv4 addresses is exhausted since a 
> couple of years already. As a result of that, companies can buy IPv4 
> addresses in online auctions and the prices for that are going crazy. 
> You can have a look at https://auctions.ipv4.global/prior-sales to see 
> the current prices that need to be paid. These days you can get more 
> money out of IPv4 address blocks than out of Bitcoin actually. Don't get 
> us wrong, we don't recommend either actually.
> Also our hosting provider was forced to raise the prices for our IPv4 
> addresses considerably and announced that the prices will be raised even 
> more in the near future. We're expecting that we'll soon have to pay 
> more for the IPv4 addresses than we pay for the server hardware itself. 
> For that reason we're planning to get rid of the rising costs of the 
> deprecated IPv4 addresses.
> We're offering all of our services via IPv6 since many years and we want 
> to switch them to IPv6-only in 365 days from now on (2023-04-01) to cut 
> the unpredictable costs of IPv4.
> Most people already have IPv6. If your provider doesn't offer IPv6 to 
> you, you should contact the provider and ask him to enable IPv6 asap. 
> You might even ask your money back if you had no IPv6 in the last couple 
> of years, because the 10 year old RFC 6540 mandates that IPv6 is a 
> must-have for nodes claiming to support IP. In other words, if you don't 
> have IPv6, then you don't have internet access.
> We created a web site for you to check if you have working IPv6 support:
> https://ipv6-test.samba.org

I don't think this test is working right. It says I see a happy face (it 
is gray colored) with a yellow below it. I am pretty sure I don't have 
IPv6 support and will not have in many years (Venezuela) but at least my 
mail servers have it. So I will be able to access the mailing list.


Says correctly I don't have IPv6 connectivity. What is your test website 
doing? checking AAAA resolution from an IPv4 address?

> If you see only a sad face, then you have only IPv4 support, if you see 
> a sad face covered by a happy face, then you have IPv6, which is good!
> Apart from your own internet connection, you should also check that your 
> mail provider supports IPv6:
> You can *receive* mail if at least one of the MX records of your mail 
> address's domain has an IPv6 address assigned. 
> https://mxtoolbox.com/MXLookup.aspx can help you to look that up.
> For testing if you can *send* mail to IPv6-only mail servers, we've set 
> up a test mail domain. If you send a mail to test at ipv6-test.samba.org 
> then you should be receiving an immediate mail refuse error while the 
> error should contain the text:
> 550 You can send mail to an IPv6-only mail server SUCCESSFULLY !
> If you got that error, then you can mail to IPv6 domains successfully. 
> If you get no error message or if you get any other error message, then 
> your mail provider does NOT allow sending to IPv6 domains.
> Luckily most mail providers DO support IPv6 these days, but there are 
> still some well-known ones which don't. If your mail services depend on 
> Yahoo (like yahoo.com), Apple (like me.com, icloud.com, mac.com), gmx, 
> web.de, t-online.de, posteo.de, Protonmail, Gandi, Mimecast, Zoho or 
> Rackspace hosting, then you will be out-of luck probably.
> We believe that providers who still don't support IPv6 in the year 2022, 
> have been sleeping at least for 10 years. If your provider is one of the 
> sleeping ones, you can try to wake him up (good luck!) to be able to 
> keep on using our services after we disabled deprecated IPv4.
> If your provider doesn't wake up (quite likely if he slept till now!), 
> then we recommend to switch to a provider that does support full 
> internet access, which includes IPv6 of course.
> In case you lack IPv6 in your corporate network, then ask yourself if 
> you acknowledged the work of the networking team enough in the past. Buy 
> them a coffee or a bottle of wine when asking them kindly to enable IPv6.
> We are aware that in *very* rare cases someone might live in a country 
> like Greenland, where it's not possible to find a provider with IPv6 
> support. In cases like that the friendly guys from HE still give you a 
> possibility to use IPv6, see http://tunnelbroker.net/
> Side note: Also github still doesn't support IPv6 and doesn't show any 
> sign to improve this 
> (https://github.community/t/github-com-not-reachable-via-ipv6/216624) - 
> samba.org switched to gitlab, which DOES support IPv6. We think that 
> nobody should deal with service providers that don't support IPv6 these 
> days.
> Please don't discuss this further here on the list (we'll ignore any 
> list replies); but you can send any feedback (both positive and 
> negative) to go-ipv6 at samba.org. We'll consider your feedback for our 
> future plans.
> Your Samba Admins

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