[Samba] Problem after update version 4.15.0

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Sep 29 08:08:29 UTC 2021

> ../../source4/auth/ntlm/auth.c:241(auth_check_password_send)
>    auth_check_password_send: Checking password for unmapped user 

I would have expected

I see this so now and then here also that, suddenly a computer/user cant login.
Common causes.. 
1) PC time out of sync with DC.
2) Computer account its password expired.
3) Lots domain trust. 

But what does the evenlog show and i assume the same user on an other computer can login?

> I also compared "samba-tool computer show" of a working and one 
> non-working machine and can't find any differences other than 
> timestamps.
Hmm, is this an "old" domain, like from before 4.9? 

Did you use 
'samba-tool dns zoneoptions' for aging control
Marking old records as static or dynamic with 'samba-tool'

>From : https://www.samba.org/samba/history/samba-4.15.0.html 

If i have to gamble on this, 2 options.
Windows 10 bug or Samba fix in 4.15 that triggered it. 

And if you dont want to re-register 1 pc.. 
(You can do this with a script at login for the whole domain. )

Increase the debugging and post it, maybe we see more in these loggings.



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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Problem after update version 4.15.0
> Hi Louis
> On 29.09.2021 09:23, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> > The computer password is expired.
> > You can try, Remove the pc from domain and rejoin.
> > 
> > And did you verify if the computer time is in sync with AD.
> Where can I check this? And why does it not happen on Samba 4.14.7?
> In fact I can perfectly use the computer account when downgrading to 
> 4.14.7. I did the upgrade, test, downgrade cycle a couple of times 
> already. Samba 4.14.7 always working finde and Samba 4.15 
> claiming the password to be wrong (wrong, not expired).
> If expiration is a problem the question is how the password can be 
> renewed without having to re-join the machine - before the upgrade of 
> course.
> I don't want to lose 80% of my machines after Samba 4.15 upgrade 
> blocking my users to log in and then having to re-join all 
> the machines 
> which work perfectly fine on Samba 4.14.7.
> best regards,
> Rainer

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