[Samba] Permission denied when chainbuilding packages with mock

Julian Sikorski belegdol at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 17:38:37 UTC 2021

Am 28.09.21 um 13:11 schrieb Julian Sikorski via samba:
> Am 28.09.21 um 12:58 schrieb Julian Sikorski via samba:
>> W dniu 28.09.2021 o 12:10, Rowland Penny via samba pisze:
>>> On Tue, 2021-09-28 at 11:28 +0200, Julian Sikorski via samba wrote:
>>>> W dniu 28.09.2021 o 11:08, Rowland Penny via samba pisze:
>>>>> On Tue, 2021-09-28 at 10:53 +0200, Julian Sikorski via samba wrote:
>>>>>> Hi list,
>>>>>> since a few weeks I am no longer able to chainbuild packages with
>>>>>> mock
>>>>>> when localrepo is pointed to a samba share.
>>>>> Has anything changed, any updares etc ?
>>> At the top of the client smb.conf is this:
>>> # Note:
>>> # SMB1 is disabled by default. This means clients without support for
>>> SMB2 or
>>> # SMB3 are no longer able to connect to smbd (by default).
>>> It should also say that if you are trying to connect to a server, then
>>> the server  must not use SMBv1 because the client doesn't use SMBv1.
>>> Try adding these lines to the smb.conf on the server:
>>> client min protocol = SMB2
>>> server min protocol = SMB2
>>> Reload the config, do not restart Samba, OMV may remove the lines.
>>> If they work (and they should), you need to find out how to stop OMV
>>> from removing them.
>>> Rowland
>> Thanks! I added the lines, reloaded the config with smbcontrol smbd 
>> reload-config and remounted the share on the client. It did not help 
>> unfortunately. As I have vers=3.1.1 in the fstab entry, shouldn't this 
>> have been sufficient?
>> In the meantime, I have tried something else and got some interesting 
>> results. I have tried to remove as many variables as possible and I 
>> did the following:
>> 1. removed nobrl from the mount options on the desktop client to align 
>> with my laptop client
>> 2. attempted to run the same rebuild command from my other client, 
>> using exactly the same mock options and as close as possible mount 
>> options. I then tried chainbuilding two different packages: $ mock 
>> --chain --localrepo /mnt/openmediavault/kernel/ -r fedora-34-x86_64 
>> goffice/goffice-0.10.50-2.fc36.src.rpm 
>> gnumeric/gnumeric-1.12.50-2.fc36.src.rpm. This has led to some 
>> interesting results: initially, if the first attempt was made on the 
>> desktop pc, the access denied error would appear and subsequent 
>> attempts on the laptop will fail. On the other hand, if the first 
>> attempt was made on the laptop, subsequent attempts would succeed, 
>> including ones done on the desktop. After changing and reverting the 
>> protocol version, however, neither laptop nor desktop clients work.
>> The above indicates that the package versions installed can work in 
>> theory as I did no updates in the meantime. The question remains what 
>> is causing the failures.
>> Best regards,
>> Julian
> I am making some assumptions here, but it appears that once a folder has 
> been generated from the desktop once, the bogus (?) ACLs remain for a 
> while and deleting the folder does not help. Case in point: I delete the 
> goffice* and repodata folders from /mnt/openmediavault/kernel/results, but
> $ mock --chain --localrepo=/mnt/openmediavault/kernel -r 
> fedora-34-x86_64 goffice/goffice-0.10.49-1.fc36.src.rpm 
> gnumeric/gnumeric-1.12.49-1.fc36.src.rpm
> will keep working from the laptop as goffice-0.10.49 was never rebuilt 
> from the desktop, but
> $ mock --chain --localrepo=/mnt/openmediavault/kernel -r 
> fedora-34-x86_64 goffice/goffice-0.10.50-2.fc36.src.rpm 
> gnumeric/gnumeric-1.12.50-2.fc36.src.rpm
> will fail when run from the laptop, even if the goffice-0.10.50-2.fc36 
> folder does not exist when the build is started.
> Best regards,
> Julian
What makes this even more strange is that building to a different folder 
on the share does not help, i.e.

$ mock --chain --localrepo=/mnt/openmediavault/kernel1 -r 
fedora-34-x86_64 goffice/goffice-0.10.50-2.fc36.src.rpm 

Moreover, I have checked the logs and there are no 
running the goffice-0.10.49-1.fc36.src.rpm and 
gnumeric-1.12.49-1.fc36.src.rpm rebuild which suggests that these have 
something to do with the failure.
What I do not really understand is that starting in an empty folder does 
not help. Does samba cache the permissions somewhere where they could 
survive the deletion of the file?

Best regards,

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