[Samba] Unable to restrict anymore the users/groups delete of files from windows extended attributes

Fabio Fantoni fabio.fantoni at m2r.biz
Tue Sep 28 10:20:38 UTC 2021

Hi, 2-3 years ago we had setted on a samba share from windows guest 
security tab extended attribute to users/group to make impossible to 
delete files for them (but possible any other operations).

Recently don't works anymore even if samba server (debian 9 with samba 
4.5.16) was not modified, trying to check samba log when we change the 
acl from windows I found "rpc api error unknow interface" solved with 
upgrade to debian 10 with samba 4.9.5 but extended permission of delete 
files is still not working and don't show any other errors on samba logs.

I tried a way to workaround it with setting it from linux but I found 
only sticky bit and immutable that do different things.

Can someone tell me how to make extended permissions fully working again 
settings them from newer windows please? (tried on windows 10 20h2) I 
need for example upgrade samba to newer version or change something else?

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english

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