[Samba] Upgrade

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Sep 27 22:21:36 UTC 2021

Ok, to start - I PROMISE not to even *THINK* of sssd. 
(Oh, dang...I already did. Oops.)
<I kid, I kid...>
Ok, more seriously. 
Louis, Rowland, et al.
I've got a couple of AD controllers which have hummed along just fine, not doing a lot of anything the last year or two.
We're probably going to use them more, going forward, and I should probably move off of Ubuntu 18LTS to 20.
Upgrading the AD itself (apt-get disto-upgrade or whatever it is) to 20 seems to have caused quite a few people issues, so I think the consensus was that simply building a new AD controller/member and adding it was the "safest" & "best" route. And, since these are all VM machines anyway, that route works fine for me.
However, the only messy thing is that these AD's were named, AD1 and AD2. Now if I build another pair, we'll have AD3 and AD4.
In another few years, we'll be AD37 and AD38 or something. :) Ok, I exaggerate a bit.
But is there a nice way to keep the naming more simple? Or do I just learn to name them by year or something - so these will be AD2021-1 and AD2021-2? (That's so ugly.)

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